Which Disney Princesses will become Queen?

This was copy and pasted from the Disney Wiki on the Disney Princess page. I found this interesting, as many people think all Disney Princesses will become queens upon marriage, or child birth, but that’s not the case. Read below and you’ll see why only Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa (assuming her coronation hasn’t happened yet) will become queens. Link can be found here! 

  • Only some of 13 Princesses will be crowned as Queen in the future: Elsa is already Queen, Rapunzel will become Queen Regnant, Aurora and Snow White will both become Queen Regnant, and Queen Consort, Cinderella will only be Queen Consort. (Queen Regnant is a queen ruling by her own right, Queen Consort the wife of a ruling King.)
    • Snow White: as the only daughter of the late King, she inherits the throne upon her stepmother’s death, becoming Queen Regnant of the Kingdom. Her husband, The Prince, then stays as a prince, until he becomes King of his own land. it is possible that his father is the Sovereign Prince of a Principality (not a King), or that the Prince is not even the firstborn, and might never inherit the throne. If the prince is the heir to the throne and his father dies or abdicates, then Snow White and the prince will become co-rulers.
    • Cinderella will only be Queen Consort following the death or abdication of Prince Charming’s father, the King.
    • Aurora: Upon the death of her father, King Stefan, Aurora will become Queen Regnant of her Kingdom. Upon the death of King Hubert, Prince Philip will become King of his Kingdom, while Aurora becomes his Queen Consort. When both King Stefan and King Hubert are dead, Aurora will become Co-Queen, and Philip will become Co-King, jointly ruling the two realms. Their heir will inherit both crowns upon their deaths. If Philip dies before Aurora, then Aurora stays Queen Regent of her own realm, and will also be Queen Dowager (widow of a king). If her heir is not yet of age, a Queen Regent (acting Queen until the heir’s age of majority/coronation). If she chooses to abdicate upon her heir’s coronation, the heir will become the King/Queen of a United Kingdom and Aurora will then be a Queen Mother (mother to the reigning Monarch).
    • Ariel is the Princess Consort of Eric’s Sovreign Principality in her movie’s sequel, and since she is 7th in line to the Throne of Atlantica and now lives on land (and will be placed lower in line of succession if her sisters have children of their own),  she won’t be Queen Regnant of Atlantica.
    • Belle will not be Queen since the Beast is only a Sovereign Prince of his Principality, not of a Kingdom.
    • Jasmine will only be considered as the Sultan’s wife as Aladdin will rise to the Sultan’s throne due to the Arabic traditions of male leaders.
    • Pocahontas’ father, Powhatan, is elected as chief, not crowned through inheritance, and Pocahontas cannot be elected chief due to tribal traditions of male leaders.
    • Mulan will not become queen at all since she has no royal ties.
    • Tiana won’t be Queen Consort since Naveen is cut off from the Maldonian line of succession by his parents.
    • Rapunzel will be Queen of Corona when her parents die/abdicate, and Eugene will be her Consort.
    • Merida either will be or not be Queen of DunBroch, since she has brothers, in which usually younger brothers surpass their older sisters in line of successions, but it depends on DunBroch’s law.
    • Anna will become Queen of Arendelle if Elsa dies or abdicates without an heir of her own to succeed her. If she is married to Kristoff at the time, he takes the title of Lord Consort. If Elsa has children of her own, Anna will be placed lower in Arendelle’s line of succession.
    • Elsa is Queen of Arendelle.

Pretty cool huh? Especially Aurora’s! Hope you enjoyed this, and once again I take NO CREDIT whatsoever! I just thought this needed to be shared! 

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