Elsa will not be the villain of Frozen

So, we  all saw the concept art that stated that Elsa will join Anna, Merida and Rapunzel in the Disney princess line. It is pretty obvious that she will not be the villain of the story, but if she isn’t, who will be?

Luckily I have been doing my research and I discovered this description of a scene in the movie:

Shortly after accidentally revealing her ice powers to everyone, Elsa runs away from her home kingdom to build this castle to isolate herself from society, with several snowman guards (one of which was supposed to be Olaf, which she initially rejected due to him not being menacing enough) to keep her from leaving and anyone else from entering. However, at some point in the film, the (real) main villain (hinted to have given Elsa her ice powers in the first place, just to make her look bad) will eventually arrive at Elsa’s castle, at which said villain immediately comes upon the snowman guards to see if Elsa is inside the palace. At first the snowmen refuse, but then the villain will respond by attacking them until they finally tell this villain yes. After this, this villain will stab all of the snowmen with the remaining broken shards of the villain’s mirror(one of which was responsible for Elsa’s transformation), causing them all to become more menacing then ever, and allowing the villain to enter the castle. Upon realizing that Elsa wants to be left alone in her own ice castle to prevent anyone from figuring out her ice powers, the villain will grant her wish by presenting her her own snowmen, now betraying her due to them now seeing her as a “bad queen” to them and beginning to obey the villain, and the snowmen then trap Elsa inside her own castle while they will all escape with the villain to wreak havoc on her birth kingdom. At this point Elsa will then learn that she has made a huge mistake for abandoning her kingdom and indirectly fulfilling the prophecy, and will eventually be rescued  by Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf where she will admit to her sister that she will regret what she did and that she blamed her own sister for what she has become.

It is hinted that Elsa will merge the roles of both Kai and The Snow Queen (from the original story) in this film. She will get a piece of a broken mirror in her eye and heart, and it will change her.The villain is hinted to be a troll, because in the original trolls were very prominent in the original and the official synopsis says Anna and Kristoff will encounter Mystical Trolls. Also, when I was in Epcot 2 weeks ago, I came across this topiary (for the Epcot flower and garden festival) in Norway.


Frozen does take place in Norway (Or at least Scandinavia) So could this be our villain? I personally am really excited for Frozen, and I hope they do keep the broken mirror idea, because it would be nice to see how Elsa gets her powers, and I love when they tip the hat to the original (Like Tangled did to Rapunzel)

So what do you think? Could this troll be our villain  Do you like his design? Or do we even need a villain?

Frozen “thaws out” November 27th, 2013

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